Week in Review: 3.8-3.15

My week, in review. This is a short and sweet weekly update with ratings and blurb. If they are getting their own review, I’ll share it there!

This past week was a bit of a slow one and the TBR before library due dates is only getting larger!

The Kindest Lie – 3.5/5 I really wanted to love this one, I kept going back and forth but overall they tried to put too many big topic issues in a small space.

Much Ado About You – 4/5 This one was super cute and I reviewed the whole book here.

It’s Been a Pleasure Noni Blake – 4/5 I have talked to so many people who DNF’d this one and I nearly did as well. It took a bit to get into but I really ended up liking the ending.

Float Plan – 5/5 Can’t say enough good things about this one and it will probably we in my Top 20! Read my full review here!

See you next week!



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