Book Review: Float Plan by Trish Doller

Sometimes you have to lose your way to find what you’re looking for.

Rating: 5/5

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Chick Lit, and Mental Health

Warnings: Suicide

Review: I first want to start off by saying that I purchased this book, in the middle of reading it…this may not sound like a big deal but as an avid library reader, I don’t buy books unless I LOVE them. I loved this book and it was exactly what I needed.

Highlights for me:

It started in Fort Lauderdale (where I grew up)

sailing around the Caribbean (all the sailing memories)


a cute Irish guy…what’s not to to love?

This book captured my heart, Anna is mourning the loss of her fiancé Ben who committed suicide and decides (rather abruptly) to pick up an leave to go on a solo sailing trip they where supposed to take together. After the first leg of the trip, she realizes she is in no way prepared to make a solo trip with her skill set then enters Keane (in a really funny meet-cute). Keane, an Irishman and former professional sailor, lost one of his legs in a tragic accident who’s trying to find his way.

Both Keane and Anna are grieving in very different ways (the loss of her love and the loss of his dreams) and together they help each other find the joy of life, eventually falling in love. We are here for the love part!

This book felt really personal to me, the writing was genuine and heartfelt. As someone who’s lost a few people close to them by suicide…It was nice to see representation of life after that death. Grief comes in many different forms, it’s a process that leads to healing and a special type of empathy.

Things I loved: The adventures of island hopping, connecting with other humans + strangers, and people healing & showing it’s an imperfect process.

Things I didn’t care for: The brief negative interactions between Anna and her former (almost) mother-in-law…It really wasn’t needed and didn’t add any value to the story.

Enjoy this gem of a book, available now!




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