Book Review: Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

The Holiday meets Gilmore Girls

Rating: 4/5

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Chick Lit, and British Literature

Warnings: Mentions verbal/psychological abuse and alcoholism

Review: This book was so sweet! Small seaside town in England, a bookstore, small town life (all the busybodies) + sexy farmer…this gave me all the feels.

Thirty-something Evie is done with her life, the only thing holding her in Chicago is her best friend….therefore the obvious answer is to move to England, swear off men and to rent an apartment above a bookstore. If the Holiday + Gilmore Girls had a baby, it would be this town!

Evie is quickly welcomed by the town especially by Roane, a very attractive local farmer who is enchanted by the beautiful American who saves his dog…only thing is Evie is determined to just stay friends, yeah that’s not likely. Can a holiday romance turn into forever?

Things I loved: The sweet relationship Evie devolved with Roane’s cousin, the banter, bookstore/baking talk and the small town relationship vibes with the locals.

Things I didn’t care for: They totally not needed scene where some random girl inappropriately touched Roane in a bar. My brain screamed, just why?This added no value to our story overall for me.

There was also some sort of long term feud between two former high school sweethearts that translated to their children’s generation + issues regarding an interracial relationship and racism in the community…while I did like these characters, this didn’t really add to our protagonists and in turn, didn’t give proper weight to those important issues and those characters representing those issues.

Overall, it was an easy + delightful read that kept my attention. What did you think? I’ve heard a mix of things!




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