Review Policy + Rating System

Want me to read a book?

I love new books! If you are a publisher or author and would like me to review a book, I will provide my honest opinion. Please email me with the information in the contact section. Timeline is dependent on current “to be read” pile, but I should be able to give feedback within 1-2 weeks unless requested otherwise.

Where do I review books?

My blog (right here!)

Instagram (@allinwitha)

NetGalley (if applicable)

Goodreads (@allinwitha)

Genres I love and will review:


Adult Fiction + Women’s Fiction

Non-Fiction + Memoirs

What formats should they be?

Physical copy (preferred)

Ebook + PDF


Everyone has their own rating system. If you are going to follow this blog, I think I should probably tell you what my rating system is and if/when I DNF (do not finish) a book.

DNF: This is a totally personally and sometimes mood based decision. I try to give a book until page 50, by then I feel I have a good grasp on things. If I am teetering, this is when I would go and look at reviews to see if other people feel the same way. Sometimes, it gets better and other times it does not! I will not rate a book I DNF.

You do you, books should bring you joy, if it isn’t bringing you joy…it can go.

Two Star: This book is not for me. Most likely there were problems with character development, content or writing style. It’s rare that I truly give this rating because normally I DNF books before I get to that point. I would also give this rating if I’m disappointed by the characters life choices/their internal monologue is frustrating (just being honest). This is not a book I’d generally recommend.

Three Star: This is a solid middle ground, the book wasn’t amazing but it also wasn’t bad. These books tend to keep my attention, like decent tv but it’s not winning any awards. These books are ones where maybe the characters could have been more developed, there were some minor problems with content or it was just “okay” to me. I would recommend these with comments.

Four Star: This is a normal rating for me for a good book that I enjoyed. It kept my attention, I liked the ending, it had good character development and overall was well written. I would recommend to people and will do a full review. Depending on the book, I will buy it and add to my shelves.

Five Star: This is my gold, the book really left me thinking or it was perfectly wrapped up. I leave these books really satisfied or with a book-hangover (it’s a thing). This isn’t a rating I give out often but if I do I’m going to keep telling you to read it. If we know each other in real life, this book will show up at your doorstep.

*Please note that all of these are my own personal opinions and they may not match your own.

Professional Reader

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