Book Review: The Exception by Lauren H. Mae and Rosalie Rooks

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance and Adult Fiction

Warnings: Mental Health, PTSD, alcohol abuse, depression

Read if you liked: The Friend Zone series or Bromance Book Club series

Steam: 3/5

Thank you to the Authors for providing this ARC for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’ve really enjoyed the whole Summer Night series, I read them all in a weekend and would love to insert myself into the friend group. I genuinely enjoy the cast of characters that have been created.

Things I loved: Slow burn romance, frenemies to lovers. Trav was a Army veteran and really had a heart for mental health while adjusting to living in the civilian world. They had the most adorable day dare around DC that I would love to go to. The camping trip sounded like so much fun! Trav’s step-mother. I loved the dialogue/banter!

Things I didn’t care for: Trav’s father was such a jerk (which was the point). I wish we would have explored Sonya’s relationship with her dad some more.

Add the whole series to your TBR, the Catch and the Rules are currently on KU and the Exception comes out on June 30th!



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