Book Review: Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult Romance

Read if you liked: Meet Cute or You Have A Match

Steam: Minimal descriptions, implied but off page

Summary: Via Goodreads

Soooo I don’t normally read YA, here is my reason….the internal monologue of a teenager is a lot to handle when you’re not a teenager. Oh the angst. But I really LOVED this book, for a good number of reasons. The representation, the dual storyline, the location, the friend groups…Adler really did a good job.

Because of the dual timeline (then and now) you really got to see Lara’s character development and her relationships with both Jasmine and Chase. I do wish I was able to hear what Jasmine was feeling but this book was about Lara and her journey.

Things I loved: Jewish rep! Outer Banks setting, I live in NC but have yet to go to OBX. The Bisexual representation, we don’t see this enough and I’m glad we are seeing it more. Supportive friend groups and family. Lara was writing a romance novel and all the book talk 😍

Things I didn’t care for: Shannon but really she was a teenage girl so she did it perfectly.

I would totally add this to your summer TBR if you haven’t already.




  1. great review, i’m glad you enjoyed this one! i’ve been meaning to read it for a while.


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