Book Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Warnings: Death of a parent (off page)

Read if you liked: One Day or Love and Other Words

Review: Poppy and Alex are polar opposites and the best of friends after a shared car ride home from college many moons ago. She lives in New York City and he’s in their small hometown—but every summer, for a decade, they have taken a vacation together. And then two years ago, everything changed and they have not spoken since.

Poppy, in a rut and missing her best friend and she decides to convince him to take one last vacation together—lay everything on the table and fix their friendship. By some miracle, he agrees. But of course, nothing possibly goes right on this vacation…the hotel has one bed, the AC is broken, and the car is falling apart. Can Poppy and Alex get back to being Poppy and Alex?

Guys! The When Harry Met Sally vibes were there and I was SO excited! WHMS is one of my favorite movies and I loved that the book was inspired by the movie. PWMOV really was a great book and gave me such a great read on my own vacation. As someone who didn’t love Beach Read (I know, this is super polarizing to say) I was so happy with this book!

I enjoyed the ending but I think wanted a little more…maybe further out in the future epilogue. I did this book for a buddy read with some fellow triangle bookstagrammers (which is such a great way to do a book) and some people loved that it wasn’t as nicely tied up…and I totally get that, I think maybe I just love a nice neat ending.

Things I loved: The banter, the things Poppy comes up with…seriously, the khakis line was gold. The AC thing really kept me laughing. The friends to lovers dynamic. This was a slow burn if I have ever seen one, which made it feel more realistic. The places they traveled, you felt like you were there.

Things I didn’t care for: The dual timeline always messes with my brain (personal preference). I don’t know if some of the family dynamics always added to the story. The big thing in Croatia…y’all we wanted so long to find out and then we got there…Seriously? (in Grey’s Anatomy voice)

People We Meet on Vacation is released on May 11th! Super grateful that this was a BOTM pick this month so I could read it early…really if you don’t have Book of the Month yet, you need to get it.




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