Week in Review: 4.20-4.26

My week, in review. This is a short and sweet weekly update with ratings and blurb. If they are getting their own review, I’ll share it there!

Hi, I’m Amelia and I went down a major binge of kindle unlimited books + “bookstagram made me do it” reads this weekend…I’m pretty sure this started with (no, I know) reading Xeni for the Friends to Lovers Challenge with Bad Bitch Bookclub which then promoted me to read the first in the series and then just went down the rabbit hole.

Is anyone ever mildly embarrassed to admit then read certain books based off the covers? Because I’m pretty sure if these books had illustrated covers the world would be jamming on them more. Here we are and I’m going to add them to my Goodreads and attempt to leave my irrational embarrassment at the door because these books deserve some love.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It – 4.25/5 This book was 100% Bookstagram made me do it and I really enjoyed it! It maybe wasn’t worth as much fanfare to me but also I had to read this over the weekend for a due date and I don’t like being rushed. Read if you like Dead to Me vibes.

To Love and to Loathe – 3.25/5 Historical romance is not my lane and I really should stay in my lane. I loved the concept of this book (the trope is a fav) but it fell a bit flat for me. Mini review on my Goodreads.

Maybe In Another Life – 4.25/5 So happy to finish one of the last TJR books in my TBR, one more left! Full review went up yesterday.

The Intimacy Experiment – 4/5  This was probably one of my most anticipated rates of 2021, it was definitely great and I think I liked it better than the roommate in terms of character development. Look forward to reviewing it fully later this week.

Between the World and Me (not pictured) – 4/5 This weeks audiobook was amazing! In the format of a father writing to his son, a deeply personal experience of being a black man in America. Highly recommend everyone to read.

Xeni (not pictured) – 4/5 Swoon, I loved these characters and the premise of this book. Such a good pick for friends to lovers challenge…be prepared to be mildly scandalized 🔥  I also read Rafe (3.5/5) which was the first in this series and it was also a solid rainy day read.

How Not to Marry a Billionaire (not pictured) – 3/5 ARC from NetGalley, thank you for providing for my honest opinion. Currently released and ready for reading. I’ll be posting a full review soon. But…maybe some thoughts are already on my Goodreads.

California Billionaires Series (not pictured) – 4/5  Who knew I had a billionaire theme this week, is it 2010? 😂 I saw this series recommended by someone on my feed + some great reviews on Goodreads and they didn’t disappoint. I genuinely liked all the characters, and cannot wait for the third book. These are free with Kindle Unlimited, so go read some really entertaining things happening in the land of California… Including a drunk Vegas wedding + fake relationships.

See you next week!



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