Week in Review: 3.16-3.22

My week, in review. This is a short and sweet weekly update with ratings and blurb. If they are getting their own review, I’ll share it there!

Happy Tuesday! This past week has been spent working on the website (still am, it’s a work in progress), brainstorming ideas and starting to redecorate my house for spring aka I have been working from home for a year and I need a change. Raise your hand if this is you (*raises arm really high).

On a high note, I was able to read and review my first ARC and I was pumped! I have another I am reading this week. It’s truly the little things in life to bring you joy.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters #2) – 3.5/5 Meet the 2nd Brown sister, PhD student and resident feminist Dani Brown. We have hot former pro-athlete, fake-dating trope + a unique and diverse heroine.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters #3) – 3.5/5 Because if you read one, you have to read the other! Meet Eve, she can’t decide what she wants to do with her life and she may be a little spoiled. Hint: If you hit someone with your car by accident, you might get a job while they recover.

How To Be An Antiracist – 4/5 My most recent anti-racism reading list book, and see my full review here.

All Adults Here – 3/5 We had a lot going on at once in this one; social, political, sexual and emotional issues. There was so much going on, I had a hard time enjoying a good family drama filled with revealing long held secrets but it did have some good nuggets of wisdom.

Just Last Night (not pictured) – 5/5 ARC from NetGalley (Thank you!), full review coming soon (aka tomorrow) but you are going to want to pre-order it ASAP! I was all in my feels after I finished it, it was so good and I can’t wait for everyone to read.

What should I read next? My TBR list just keeps getting larger.

See you next week!



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