Book Review: Home Again by Melissa Grace

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance and Adult Fiction

Warnings: cancer, death of a spouse, alzheimer’s

Read if you liked: Gilmore Girls vibes

Steam: 2.5

Summary: via Goodreads

Thank you to @heymelissagrace for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinions . Home Again was released on July 27th.

I really enjoyed this second chance love story for two widowers, people in their 40s need love stories too and I’m so happy we are getting more of those! This book is packed with friends are your family vibes, lots of humor and delightful characters.

Things I loved: Bradley Cooper…the dog! Cash and Grace’s relationship. Cash’s in-laws were so sweet! Loved their group of friends and the dynamic. Ella and Grace had such a sweet mother/daughter bond going on. A lot of the things felt a true reflection of life and the evolution of friendships. This one was a bit more open door than the first which is a win for me! There where a lot of humorous moments but my favorite was the spanx and goat yoga t-shirt!

Things I didn’t care for: For me, the conflict was blown way out of proportion and I would have expected a little more understanding from people about Cash’s fears. Ella, at times, got on my nerves with her ability to jump to conclusions.



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