Week in Review: 7.13-7.19

My week, in review. This is a short and sweet weekly update with ratings and blurb. If they are getting their own review, I’ll share it there!

ELEVEN books this week…y’all it’s been crazy but I totally feel like I’m giving the wrong impression about the number because two of those were novellas and two were audiobooks but this is how many I completed this week.

Physical Books

Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren – 4/5
So, I just want point out again that the Beautiful and Wild series are very different in steam level from the stand-alones. Player has been my favorite so far, which some friends told me ahead of time was their fav too. I don’t necessarily think the first book aged well in the MeToo movement with certain aspects and I had to remind myself that this was basically 2010 fanfiction to remember the vibe of when this book came out. I am glad I’m reading the series for sure! I also love that these early series have strong friendship group vibes and you get to explore that dynamic.


Beautiful Bitch and Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren – 3.5/5 So while you don’t need to read the novellas, I liked them as an add on!

My Unexpected Family by Harlow James – 4/5 The California Billionaire series, has been one of my favorite series to read this year on KU! This really rounded things off nicely!


Thanks to @netgalley , Lake Union Publishing, @avonbooks, @smpromance for providing this e-arc in exchange for my honest opinion.

When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting – 3.75/5 I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story, there were some minor issues but overall a good read. Review coming soon!

All the Feels by Olivia Dade – 4/5 As someone who wasn’t obsessed with Spoiler Alert, I really really enjoyed this book! Full review coming but add it to your TBR!

The Seven Day Switch by Kelly Harms – 3.5/5 Freaky Friday vibes but with neighboring moms!


Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain – 5/5 I don’t know what took me so long to read this but it was brilliant and I’ll never eat fish on a Monday again.

Beautiful Things by Hunter Biden – 4/5 Major CW for Drug and Alcohol abuse, if this book did anything it made me like our President more for the unending love he has for his family.

See you next week!



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