Book Review: Isn’t It Bromantic by Lyssa Kay Adams

Rating: 4.25/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Warnings: Kidnapping, Death of a Parent

Read if you liked: Bromance Book Club or Ever After Always

Steam: 2.5

Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Marriage in Crisis/Convenience, Slow Burn, Sports Romance, Forced Proximity

Summary: via Goodreads

Vlad and Elena are so freaking cute and this might be the best one in the series.

When I first read the concept of this series, I loved it and of course, the first in the series was marriage in crisis (which is a fav trope). It’s been a joy to read the first three books and finally get to hear about the Russian, the BEST side character of the other books!

Things I loved: Vlad is truly the most tender hearted and pure soul. The animals! The cheese! The gluten free! The food! The guys and all of their (mostly) good advice. And most of all, it would be an Adams book without delightful humor.

Things I didn’t care for: I loved that Vlad was writing a book, but I didn’t need those chapters in the book…there weren’t enough to get the full impact so they just felt misplaced.

I plan on reviewing the whole series at some point but when can we get more @lyssakayadams? And you should totally listen to @f2lpodcast episode about a real life Bromance Book Club.



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