Book Review: It Had To Be You by Georgia Clark

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Fiction

Warnings: Death of a spouse, abusive relationship (off page), extramarital affair

Read if you liked: Love Actually or Valentine’s Day

Steam: Implied but off page

Summary: Via Goodreads

This book has a sprawling cast, there is no central love story but a bunch of little love stories (five of them). The group formed by friends/co-workers of wedding planners and their vendors, is told over the course of a wedding season. There a quite a few heavy topics discussed but it is done with a light touch. The writing is witty and delightful. It does take a bit of time to get used to all of the unique voices but you pick it up quickly!

Things I loved: I enjoyed seeing multiple tropes and voices throughout the story. I have a deep desire to eat all the food, such good foodie references. All the weddings! There was a diverse cast in all the ways (race, age and sexuality). How the story wrapped up!

Things I didn’t care for: I wish I got more time with each of the characters so we could fully see their stories….We could have see less of the people getting married and more of them. The drama with Zia and Clay, I really hated the angle with her sister.

I could totally see this as a movie or mini-series…let’s make it happen!



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