Book Review: Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Rating: 3.75/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Warnings: Death of a parent

Read if you liked: Kiss My Cupcake, Would Like To Meet

Summary: Via Goodreads

Review: I finally read a Helena Hunting book…Have you seen her backlist? It’s massive. Meet Cute was such a nice introduction to her writing and since reading this book; I have read two in her Pucked series (I finally read a hockey romance, I know). Also, added a bunch to my Kindle and got the ARC for her new book When Sparks Fly. I’m taking this on like the Christina Lauren backlist, one cute RomCom at a time…Zero chance I’ll finish them all but I’ll enjoy the journey.

Things I loved: The trope is a personal favorite aka sudden single parent. It was the right amount of cheesy, with some depth in the enemies to lovers/second chance romance-ness. Great chemistry. I loved the relationship Kailyn grew with Dax’s sister, Emme. Dax truly was a stand-up guy!

Things I didn’t care for: Kailyn was a little insecure/bumbling/hold on a grudge for silly reasons heroine for the first bit but grew overtime. SO MUCH MERCH OBESESSION. Kailyn’s boss, it was kinda gross how she was manipulating her for her well-deserved promotion.

This isn’t a new, change your life romance but I walked away content from my pool reading experience…we all need those books!



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