Book Review: Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

Rating: 3.75/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Warnings: Anxiety

Review: Meg Mackworth’s hand-lettering skill has made her famous on social media, designing beautiful custom journals for New York City’s elite. She has another skill too: reading signs that other people miss. Like the time she sat across from Reid Sutherland and his fiancée, and knew their upcoming marriage was doomed to fail. Weaving the word “mistake” in their wedding program was a little unprofessional, but she was sure no one else would spot it. She hadn’t counted on sharp-eyed, pattern-obsessed Reid to notice.

A year later, Reid tracks Meg down to find out…how exactly she knew his world was going to implode. They soon develop a friendship, Reid helping Meg find inspiration around the city for an impending project deadline. As they gradually open up to each other about their lives, work, and regrets, both try to ignore the fact that their unlikely connection is growing deeper. But the signs are there—the might be meant to be.

I’ll be the first to admit…this is an odd one; I’d even go to say a bit weird. The reviews I have read for this book are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The way the two main characters get together at first could be mildly creepy but I decided to ignore that part and focus on everything else because it ended up being a really sweet story. The concept was unique and a fresh take on romance, it was very much a slow burn…Friendship to lovers trope. I loved the creativity and the adventures around New York City, and some of the activities are inspirational for future travel!

Things I loved: Reid, I think I found a new “book boyfriend” because he is wonderful. The dynamic between Meg and her best friend changing is so relatable. The adventures Reid and Meg went on, building a friendship into love was really delightful. The use of tension in this novel was so well done.

Things I didn’t care for: The mentioning of fonts/various fonts in the book…its part of the premise of the book but it goes a bit old. There really isn’t a strong theme of Meg reading signs except for the big one…Reid’s pervious engagement. The “big” conflict was a little far fetched.



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