Book Review: Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Warnings: Discussion of parental abandonment, addiction, mental health (OCD/hoarding), death of a parent, ALS

Read if you liked: The Friend Zone series or My Oxford Year

Review: Popular travel vlogger, Vanessa Price lives her life to the fullest. She isn’t willing to waste a moment of her life because it might be cut short by her family’s history with ALS and likely death before 30 like all the women in her family. However, life has different plans when Vanessa’s half-sister leaves her infant niece in her custody…now she’s housebound, a mom and totally out of her element.

This is where she meets her neighbor, hot lawyer, Adrian Copeland…at 4am when her baby is screaming at their shared wall and he offers to help. She barely knows him, but what does she have to lose? Adrian and Vanessa soon become the most unlikely of friends…Could it lead to more? Does Vanessa break her rule to not fall in love for the ever kind and dependable Adrian?

Honestly, Abby Jimenez has become an auto pre-order for me…Like I don’t even read the description and I purchased it. Life’s Too Short was honestly perfect…I finished it in one sitting. I had zero complaints (I’d have to look really hard) and Abby just keeps getting better! Really, go buy this book and laugh/cry/fall in love…feel all the things. This is really less of a review and more like a blog post to say…Hey, go buy the book and then let’s talk about how amazing it was. Jimenez is a master with language, weaving in humor and turmoil in the most beautiful way.

Things I loved: The friendship to love dynamic, living life to the fullest message and the chemistry between Vanessa and Adrian. Vanessa is also so generous and kind, I loved that she was so vested in taking care of her family and donating to ALS research. The brief cameo with the other series characters was so cute!

Things I didn’t care for: Um, I’d have to look really hard to find something. So, Adrian’s semi girlfriend in the beginning added zero value for me…there I came up with something.




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