Book Review: The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction

Warnings: Discussion of abuse, alcoholism and abandonment

Read if you liked: Accidentally Engaged or The Marriage Game

Review: Daisy Patel is a software engineer (yay for STEM ladies) who loves lists and logic. She has no interest to fall in love and marry like her family expects…which is hard with her meddling aunties always trying to set her up. So the obviously solution is to ask your childhood crush and the guy who stood you up for prom ten years ago to be your fake fiancé. Liam Murphy is a venture capitalist constantly trying to prove to his family he has grown up. When he learns that his inheritance is contingent on being married, Daisy might just be the perfect solution. Daisy and Liam go on a series of dates (very organized ones with objectives and everything) to legitimize their fake relationship…and maybe their history and chemistry lead to something very real.

Okay, fake dating/engagement + second chances + best friends sibling + family… so many tropes and it totally worked! Mildly unpopular opinion, I wasn’t a big fan of the first novel in the series but I loved this one! This was the perfect feel good, make you laugh out loud, brings you joy kind of book that you finish in a weekend. I loved the quirky, intelligent, diverse and adorable characters all throughout the book  + some pretty sexy love scenes. Desai really mastered the deeply connected and mildly invasive love that comes from a close-knit family. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Things I loved: Daisy was quirky/nerdy and I loved it! There was such great banter in this book and I loved the theme of family + second chances.

Things I didn’t care for: I get that Liam stood her up for prom 10 years ago and that majorly sucks…but Daisy brought it up A LOT and it was bit annoying after the 3rd time.



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  1. I liked this one… It helped.. Thank you🙏


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