Book Review: Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance and Adult Fiction

Warnings: Anxiety, anti-neurodivergency, foster care and abandonment

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Review:  Hollyn Tate is the face behind Miz Poppy, a spirited online reviewer who talks about NOLA nightlife. But behind the scenes, Hollyn is filled with anxiety that keeps her isolated from social interaction. When suddenly faced with the prospect of having to give her reviews on camera or lose her job, she takes help from an unexpected source…enter Jasper Deares, an improv actor + resident coffee guy, who’s trying to figure out life. Jasper offers to help Hollyn become more confident in her own skin and maybe she ends up helping him just as much.

This was such a nice unexpected read and hit the spot. This isn’t a book that I have heard much about but I think we should be talking about it! I really enjoyed how kind these characters were to each other. The book also talked about Tourette’s, abandonment + entrance into the foster system and handled sensitive topics of bullying, anxiety and accepting one’s self.

It’s also pretty steamy and I was so not expecting it…they did good!

Things I loved: Hollyn truly is a badass…I’m so proud of her and I don’t even “know” her. The couple helped each other grow. Jasper was in tune with Hollyn’s anxieties and was her number one supporter. Neurodivergent representation…I have not seen this in a book before and we need more!

Things I didn’t care for: Cal’s character, who at times, felt like he was gaslighting/emotionally manipulating Hollyn.

What If You & Me is the second installment which follows Andi’s story…Can’t wait for this one, comes out on July 6th!




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